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Sentinel develop integrated programs for our clients addressing their specific needs. These programs act as a learning pathway for individuals, building skills as they move within the organisation. Sustaining activities ensure that they become part of the DNA of an organisation’s culture and part of the expectation that the organisation has on its people.

Similar Material Trained To Different Levels Depending Upon Need

We train the material to different levels within the organisation, depending upon the specific needs of the role. We classify into ‘Active’, ‘Foundation’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Aware’ dependant on the individual’s role in the organisation, the individual’s current level of capability and the assessed capability need for the role. As individuals develop their careers with the organisation they build on skills that they have learnt and are introduced to additional skill areas as the role demands. In this way the training is consistent and complementary and reinforces the culture the client wants to encourage.

The Sentinel Total Commercial Call™

Execution of innovation and business development through customers only succeeds with excellence in Sales and Negotiation skills. Using different Selling and Negotiation models will inevitably lead to conflict in approach and compromised results.

Sentinel’s Total Commercial Call™ is our signature program in which selling and negotiation skills are combined to create one complete commercial system


The aim of working closely with customers and suppliers to advance business jointly is often a goal of our clients. Unfortunately this becomes derailed by the tactical and periodically aggressive behaviour of major counterparts they deal with at varying levels. For this reason it is impossible to treat negotiation separately from selling in effective commercial skills training.

Our Solution

The solution we provide is called Total Commercial Call™ and it combines selling and negotiation skills (as well as additional optional capabilities) into one system.

After all, people attend Calls/Meetings – selling and negotiation is what happens in them. Separating these skills has long been the training provider’s solution to a complex issue but within Total Commercial Call™ we mesh them together in a simple and effective way which reflects reality.

We show you how to effectively and efficiently manage a sales call ensuring you keep control throughout, are able to handle questions and objections but critically are able to deliver your compelling and motivating specific proposal. We train the content to 3 levels reflecting the differing levels of need, responsibility and experience of different delegates.

We make the program highly relevant and memorable combining selling and negotiation skills and trained using your own business examples in a live role play environment.

Whilst the skills are discrete, in application sales and negotiation are inseparable. Three separate workshops enable delegates to consolidate the each skillset before bringing them all together.

Following each Immersion workshop we write detailed individual feedback reports to all delegates, providing focus for their application of this phase.

The program delivers a logical flow and assists the learning. By covering the tougher negotiation and control elements first, we free up the mind to the more creative and sophisticated selling skills.

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