Situational Procurement Negotiation™

Sentinel’s Procurement Negotiation™ workshop is aimed at supply side purchasing managers who want to build their repertoire of negotiation skills and achieve better, bigger deals, faster. The workshop focuses on the behaviours in ‘negotiation’ and how a trained and skilled negotiator can gain and manipulate control of the negotiation in almost all situations irrespective of the power balance between the two parties. The workshop is intensively trained over 2 days at one of 3 skill levels by senior ex-Buyers from top blue chip retailers and purchasing organisations utilising the real life case studies of delegates to maximise learning, impact and recall.

The Sentinel Situational Model

Behaviours in negotiation break down into four groups and skilled negotiators know how and when to utilise these behaviours to manipulate the negotiation situation in their favour at any given time. These behaviours can be used to ‘exploit’ the sense of ‘logicality’ and the importance of ‘relationship’ that is the typical supplier mindset when entering into a negotiation situation. In today’s commercial environment the best, trained negotiators know how to mix the behaviours to get impact, exert control and extract money.

The most successful and powerful buying organisations have learned to actively seek to exploit the weakness in those who seek such good ‘relationships’ at any cost.

For each of these behaviour groups we provide the competencies and techniques to gain and maximise control in any negotiation situation with in depth practical demonstrations of commonly used and most effective tactics. As well as covering high impact, forced control tactics the behavioural model also encompasses softer, more subtle yet equally effective approaches and also thoroughly explores the potential benefits and behaviours required to maximise the benefits of collaborative trading.

Course Summary

  • 2 days Sentinel Situational Procurement Negotiation™ Immersion Workshop plus a 1 day Embedding Workshop 6 weeks later
  • Trained to one of three different skill levels
  • Trained by ex-senior buyers or procurement professionals using dynamic techniques and an intensive trainer to delegate ratio for maximum impact
  • Focused on you – the skills are trained utilising your real life business situations
  • Individual and Corporate Feedback reports to allow post course focus and benchmarking


  • The Sentinel Situational model – this will allow you to take control of negotiations and exploit suppliers typically ‘relationship’ driven approach to trading. It also balances this with a thorough understanding of the advantages of more collaborative ways of negotiating.
  • Easy application – simple to use yet advanced framework with an easy 3 step tool to allow preparation in any negotiation.
  • Learn the tactics you can deploy to take control of the negotiation both positively and sometimes if necessary negatively and critically how to move your meetings on to a more productive level and deliver bigger, better deals for your organisation, faster.
  • Drive confidence and ambition of your team when negotiating
  • Improved internal alignment and communication through adoption of a common approach and unified team roles
  • Our clients report a 30 fold return against the course cost within 10 weeks.

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