Essential Negotiation Skills

A one day workshop open to all trained by senior ex-Buyers and negotiation experts from top blue chip retailers and purchasing organisations.

Cost: £575 + VAT including refreshments and lunch

For further information or to book your place, please contact us here.

Who is it for?

Our Essential Negotiation SkillsTM Workshop has been designed for those for who need to improve the control in their meetings and where negotiation is becoming an increasingly important part of their role.

What is the goal of this workshop?

The aim of this workshop is to test, explore and develop negotiation skills in a strategic and financial context in any given situation, to keep control

What will I Learn?

The Sentinel Situational model – this will allow you to recognise the difference between ‘relationship’ and ‘rapport’ and create better trading environments

Review of your interpersonal skills to accelerate negotiation success in any situation

Ability to identify and adapt your negotiation style

How to use a simple yet advanced framework with an easy 3 step tool to allow preparation against any negotiation

Learn the ‘games’ buyers play – the tactics they deploy to put you off your pitch and critically how to disarm those tactics and move your meetings on to a more productive level and create a lasting rapport based on a mutual respect

Development of strategies to deal with highly experienced negotiators and their tactics

Key negotiation principles to improve your influence in a negotiation

Drive confidence and ambition of your team in dealing with negotiations

Improved internal alignment and communication through adoption of a common approach and unified team roles

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