Organisational Selling™

Course Summary

  • 1 day workshop based on selling complex concepts, products or ideas to clients or customers with multiple levels of decision makers and influencers; building on the skills and tools covered in our Specific Proposal Selling™ Workshop
  • Account team based workshop to prepare and then sell-in a real life, upcoming selling challenge
    • Understand the needs of the other party; who owns the decision making, and who influences them
    • Mapping the real and perceived balance of power through an Action SWOT
    • Commercialising the opportunity to the customer or client
    • Mapping your actual and target coverage of key stakeholders
    • Influencing senior decision owners
  • Delivered by ex-senior sales and buying leaders this workshop will prepare you and your team to enter into a complex selling issue


  • An aligned approach to complex issue selling that enables you to map the full decision making process and key stakeholders
  • A consolidated set of preparation tools to guide you through the mapping and evaluation of a customer’s organisation and their attitude towards you and your idea
  • A plan that boosts your real and perceived influence over the decision making process
  • Role play practice in responding to anticipated tactics, questions and objections

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