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Organisational Negotiation™

Course Summary

  • 1 day workshop based on handling complex, multi-level negotiations to build on the skills and tools covered in our Situational Negotiation™ Workshop
  • Account team based workshop to prepare and execute a real-life, upcoming, complex negotiation challenge
  • Understand the needs of the other party, decision making process & criteria; and how to react depending on whether this works for us or against us
  • Map the gate & pathways of the anticipated negotiation approach
  • Assess the balance of power and Action SWOT
  • Construct a ‘game plan’ with opening offer, subsequent moves to break deadlock and closing trades
  • Gain alignment for an organisational approach
  • Countering common tactics
  • Action plan to drive change and execute an agreement
  • Delivered by ex-senior sales and buying leaders this workshop will prepare you and your team to enter into a complex negotiation issue


  • An aligned approach to complex negotiations that enables you to play the negotiation chess game several moves ahead rather than reacting 1 move at a time
  • A consolidated set of preparation tools to guide you through the anticipated negotiation process
  • A plan that boosts your real and perceived power in the negotiation and deals with any weaknesses or competitive gaps (again, real and perceived)
  • Options and contingency for every step of the process

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