‘Savvy use of the Code for Commercial Teams’

A one day workshop trained by commercial experts on the Grocery Supply Code Of Practice and its real life application

At Sentinel, we have carefully studied all elements of the code, then packaged and clustered them to be understood and dealt with effectively ‘in the moment’ by commercial teams. We drill delegates using realistic practice role plays showing them how to react and respond when they sense non-compliance and allow restoration to a productive commercial agenda.

What makes this workshop different?

  • Understanding the code is important – but we show how it is used in day to day ‘real world’ commercial interactions to avoid major issues rather than using it ‘after the event’
  • Targeted at the people who need and would benefit most from help - the commercial team
  • It recognises there is ambiguity inherent in the code – but also how this can be overcome with someone who is confident in using it without being a legal expert
  • It’s not just about buyers who intentionally or otherwise may breach the code, it’s about getting fair payment and justification for their activities as well

Practical GSCOP – Savvy use of the Code

  • Use the code effectively without invoking the code – and use as a tool to manage issues before they become problems
  • Understand the language of the code what do they say or do that could be in breach of the code
  • Deal with the ambiguity within the code allowing doubt not to result in in-action
  • Recognise what are genuine breaches of the code and how to judge the severity of the breach
  • React when is it in your long term interest to invoke formal proceedings or would a more SAVVY approach be better
  • Respond effectively and appropriately restore commercial logic and get back to a positive value building agenda with the customer

Book your place today on the open workshop

Individual delegate places: including refreshments and lunch. Please contact us for details.

Single Company Closed Workshops

Single company closed workshops also available – please contact us for details.

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