Negotiating Skills for Suppliers in the Post Coronavirus world – September 2020

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change

A half day ‘virtual’ workshop designed by negotiation expert and Grocer magazine columnist David Sables of Sentinel.

We all know that what we are living through at the moment is unparalleled in our lifetime, and the world won’t be the same again, including Negotiating with your key retail and wholesale customers.

What’s changing?

  • Many of your customers are financially stressed and you will receive increasingly extreme demands from your contacts and even the ones that aren’t in financial difficulty are demanding more
  • Getting to see your customers will remain difficult – many will maintain ‘remote contact’ with suppliers even as the ‘formal’ lock-down is eased.
  • You’ll have a lot of changed contacts as both suppliers and their customers restructure and building rapport will be important but difficult given reduction in ‘face to face meetings’
  • It’s going to be a tough few months and you and your teams need a different set of skills to get you and your business through it to reflect changing shopper and buyer behaviours. Doing the same as you did a few months ago won’t be enough.

Our Half Day Workshop covers the key changes and how you can adapt;

  • Do’s and Don’t’s on using Skype, the phone and E mail with customers
  • Top 10 Negotiating ‘Covid 19’ tactics being used by buyers and how to manage them without just giving away what they want.
  • How to build rapport with someone who you have never met in person
  • How to trade variables in a remote environment
  • The workshops will be interactive and will give you the opportunity to ask questions and ‘road test’ your approach.

Cost is £75 per delegate + VAT, payable by credit card.

Email to book your place on a first come first served. 10% discount available for additional places. Single company rates and dates also available on request.

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