Category Management

Category management capability training has proved to be one of the most challenging commercial competency skills to deliver and effectively embed within organisations. Often rich in over complicated theory and lacking in pragmatic implementable specifics, category management is often not valued by customers.

However when effected properly category management can be an incredibly powerful and motivating tool to engage your customers to work closer with you.

Sentinel’s approach is direct, practical, simple and focused on implementation.

We focus on delivering meaningful, financially motivating solutions at the point of purchase by identifying the key drivers and levers that make quantifiable and beneficial change happen.

Using a simple, memorable yet highly effective model we will give you the tools to create powerful commercially motivating category management arguments that will make your customers/clients see you in a different and more positive light.

Course Summary

  • 3 days Sentinel Category Management workshop plus a 1 day Embedding Workshop 6 weeks later
  • A highly practical course aimed at providing the core knowledge, skills and processes for applying effective category management.
  • A simple yet robust model to quickly and effectively define and segment categories allowing new perspectives and potential new commercial opportunities to be identified
  • A focus on the key commercial drivers and how they interact at the point of purchase building into the creation of effective category strategies
  • Delivered with pace in a highly practical format utilising business simulation models, role plays, coaching and live feedback
  • Focused on delivering compelling consumer facing solutions in a language and format that will additionally engage and motivate customers


  • The ability to develop and deliver a category management strategy that commercially motivates and engages your customers
  • Enable you to position your organisation as a specialist and trusted partner with your key customers
  • The ability to look at categories in different ways to potentially unlock new opportunities
  • A clear understanding of the key drivers of category management, how they interlink and interact and how to best mix them to maximise total category returns for you, your customers and the consumer

This workshop is also an additional module of the Sentinel Total Commercial Call™ Programme that combines Specific Proposal Selling™ with our Negotiation course, Situational Negotiation™ to create a total commercial system. Click here to be taken to the programme detail.

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