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Tesco Supplier Training - Powered by Sentinel is a 1-day workshop aimed at all suppliers or potential suppliers to Tesco. It demonstrates the direction in which Tesco are leading their trading organisation and how decisions are made on range, price and promotions as well as how display and forecasting are subsequently affected. It will enable suppliers to make educated choices on how they choose to set out their proposition to work with Tesco.

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A unique Insight into Tesco

No major retailer has ever formally provided this level of insight on their decision making and buying direction for suppliers. We have been given access by Tesco over a sustained period to develop this unique event. Whether your business is large or small this is information your commercial teams need to know.

We all want a sector in which business is fair albeit trading may be tough, and right now Tesco lead the way on supplier rapport. What matters is that suppliers are aware of how to engage and can take their choices in that knowledge.

Under Tesco reset, when they tell you that you're facing delist it’s likely to be true. Rather than guessing, it’s better to know how products are ranked and rated on their internal systems.

Who should attend?

Sales account managers, insights, category planners, marketers and commercial leaders in all supply businesses will find this information invaluable in their roles facing Tesco. 

The day with Sentinel.

  • The programme will open with the background to why Tesco wish to share. What has changed and why this makes sense.
  • Reset 2 is then contrasted to Reset 1. This thinking and methodology is here to stay and rather than dread the feeling when Tesco tell you that you're facing delist, it’s better to know how products are ranked and rated these days.
  • A simulated category exercise then takes us through raging, pricing and promotion thinking in Tesco. The exercises use Tesco tools throughout and in the programme so far no suppliers have come to the same answers as the Tesco decision criteria on the products facing delist or renegotiation not to mention top performance.
  • Major changes in direction on policy, process, structure and systems are covered off and discussed.
  • Following the SRD (Space Range and Display) and forecasting implications the day ends with planning and suppliers next steps with Tesco. 


A real head start in for suppliers in how Tesco intend to work going forward for months and years. 

A detailed understanding of how your products ranked and rated in Tesco and why.

How to make educated choices on how to work with or partner with Tesco. 

The course will not tell Tesco suppliers to increase investments or drop prices, It will not tell you what style of negotiation to adopt and it will not dictate a best way to engage with Tesco, but it will give you all the information you need to make your own enlightened decisions on how to maximise your business, your way, through Tesco.

“These are tools and techniques that we will be using internally and we will be asking suppliers to help us with them. Going on this course and learning about these will give suppliers a head start.”

Jason Tarry Chief Product Officer – Tesco

“Suppliers don’t understand Tesco well enough to engage properly with them. So I see this programme is not only a huge boost for more collaborative interface. It will mean better deals faster for the ones who get it right. If Tesco don't live up to this implied positivity with suppliers we will still be the first to call it out, nothing has changed. That's what Tesco want from us they're very aware of our challenging style and see it as a positive for the credibility of the initiative.”

David Sables CEO Sentinel Management Consultants

Workshop Schedule & Costs

Cost £595 plus VAT per delegate.

  • September 25th (Windsor) - more spaces have been made available
  • November 29th (Manchester Airport) - Full
  • December 6th (Windsor) - Full

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