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2018-01-24 - Brian Bigley, VP North America
Source - Sentinel Management Consultants

Hi – my name is Brian Bigley, VP North America for Sentinel Management Consultants, and I am leading the development and expansion of Sentinel’s world class programs within the America’s.

You’ll find details of what we do and how we do it on our main landing page, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to summarize our offer and how our approach is very different from what you’ll find from training providers in the North America market at the moment.

Sentinel Management Consultants, a Global 2000 consulting firm since 2001, has a proven track record of success with category-leading companies including P&G, General Mills, Nestle, Trivago, and many other Fortune 500 global companies.

 This is the key fact - Sentinel Management Consultants customers are experiencing a 30 TIMES, RETURN ON TRAINING INVESTMENT, within 12 weeks of program completion.

What organization can say “no” to improving performance and revenue growth?

 The Sentinel skills development experience is unique, intensive, and sustainable bridging the gap between consultant and internal training with HR or the Training Department. Industry buyers and sellers deliver our winning strategies and techniques. The five core outcomes from Sentinel MC engagements change “We can,” to “We will,” increasing your sales capabilities, profits, and retention.

  • We can assess your companies skill and current capabilities
    • Where you are versus where you want to be
    • Strength and capability of your team versus other blue chip companies
    • Build a development plan to address any gaps
  • We can ensure you are not being out-negotiated
    • Recognizing buyer tactics
    • Techniques to disarm aggressive negotiators
    • Reinforcing the power of Control
  • We can maintain and improve your margins by empowering you team to make bigger, better, faster deals
    • Building trust leading to better relationships and profits
    • Providing Ambitious Positions leading to larger deals, more frequently
    • Proposing new deal structures to breakthrough logger-head negotiations
  • We can build and improve confidence within your team
    • Eliminating extreme positions
    • Understanding negotiation stages, motivations, & outcomes
    • Learning how to Trade new variables, currencies, and dependencies
  • We can improve the Sales Culture within your Company
    • Increasing employee retention, commitment, & loyalty
    • Developing a common negotiating language for repeatability
    • Improving the workplace with higher success rates, reducing turnover

Let’s build a unique plan for additional success together. Please contact us to review your talent development and growth opportunities for 2018.

Many thanks,


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