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How Tesco put the squeeze on suppliers

2014-10-12 - Oliver Shah
Source - The Sunday Times

A year ago, Tesco received an eccentric complaint. Gary Davies, a wedding photographer from Essex, sent the supermarket an open letter bemoaning the disappearance of Branston baked beans from its shelves.

“Dear Tesco,” Davies wrote, “Yet again you’ve attempted to ruin my health and happiness through your blatant attempt at sabotaging, distorting and undermining the free market for baked beans. All I see is a wall of Heinz, supplemented with THREE of your own brands.”

He posted his complaint on Facebook, threatening to switch to Morrisons. Tesco’s response was limp. “I’m very sorry you feel this way,” said a customer services adviser. “Please accept my assurances that your comments have been passed on.”

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